Ule-Incibe Programs

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Ule-Incibe Programs

INCIBE and the University are interested in collaborating in carrying out unique research actions in the field of cybersecurity since they consider that the correct functioning of any element of a science, technology and innovation system requires the involvement of all its agents, both public and private.

The existing agreements between the University of León and INCIBE aim to develop different research teams in cybersecurity, with the objective of creating different lines of research related to cybersecurity. These objectives will be achieved through different actions.

  • Conducting research work.
  • Technological support and service activities.
  • Scientific and technological studies and reports.
  • Technical reports and projects and expert opinions.

The actions will focus on the establishment of training programs for researchers, teaching staff and students in cybersecurity, with the firm intention of covering a market need. Research subgroups may be created to generate new techniques, materials, products and services for prevention, detection and response in the fight against cybercrime.

The University of León will carry out the selection processes of research personnel necessary for the provision of personal resources and INCIBE will provide the hardware and software components necessary for the projects. Different lines of work may even be proposed with other entities within public security, with the aim of supporting knowledge initiatives that contribute to the continuous improvement of the qualification of cybersecurity professionals.